I almost forgot one more really cool acen 2013 thing!!!!

I went into the artists alley and one of the first tables had this girl with a bunch of REALLY FAMILIAR ART AND ART STYLES. 

I had a brief nostalgia attack but I wasn’t sure it was what I thought it was so I walked around a bit before sucking up my fear of looking stupid and going back…

Turns out I was spot on! This girl used to do a Kirby fan-webcomic. first featured on the forums Kirby’s Rainbow Resort (my first adventure into the internet world, and if you stalk me through to my account there, it really shows.. god was i obnoxious) and then on her own little blog site. 

It was my first real experience with webcomics that I read and checked daily, and actually one of the biggest influences that pushed me towards pursuing art myself.

After stopping production on Mango in Dreamland, the aforementioned kirby webcomic, she began making an original series called Kiwi Blitz that I remember fondly following up until my computer died and took all of my internet bookmarks with it. (back then I still didnt really know how to preserve them, and I promptly forgot the url) 

It was super cool seeing her at acen, and I hope I didnt bother her too much with my nostalgia towards a fancomic. I bought her book of course, and she even signed it with a little drawing of the protagonist from Mango.

I just felt like sharing this with everyone here. you should all check her stuff out either through her website or her tumblr!