Anonymous asked: I'm recreating the opening to Evangelion with Microsoft Clipart. I think your Evangelion Bike Horn remix goes perfectly with my horrible karaoke as the audio. Would you like me to credit you in it?

Yes, you can use it however you like so long as you credit me. ALSO link me when complete because I want to see this a lot


after a month or two of not working on this i finally finished!~

model by pontarocene and can be found here (PDO or PDF)

Another model that i forgot was double sided. this is also the smallest model i’ve done so far and definitely one of the hardest, but it came out really nice.

i forgot i was going to come out of the closet on my birthday and say im gonna go back into practicing wicca 

i did it for a bit in highschool but my family sort of laugh shrugged it out of me and my ability to believe in anything died out 


me? a lolicon? never.